Baby You’re A Firework!

It is part of our college tradition to ask other people to do our write ups. Of course we can do it on our own, but where’s the fun in that? Nothing beats knowing what other people think of you. The thrill of approaching someone, asking them to do the write up and waiting for what they have to say, iggh. 🙂 I didn’t want to fish, so I decided to ask my person, Karia, to do the write up. After some weeks of waiting, she sent me this:

“Just when the world thinks that girls are all about prissy fashion blogging these days, Iya surprises us with fireworks.

A fashion model, TV host, photographer, blogger, who can sing, dance, write, and draw, it’s difficult to say what else Iya does not have.  I guess the better way to coin it is “ she CAN do it all”, especially when she puts her mind to it.  And she does every single thing beautifully, gracefully, and amiably.

A licensed librarian by profession, Iya makes sure that everything she does is fueled by passion and strengthened by her faith.  Her foundation for war-stricken children in Cotabato, Kids for Peace,  is one of the many testaments of her grateful heart and generous soul.  

Being her person gives me that amazing blessing of being able to witness and contribute to her growth in Life’s every aspect.  As a person, I am thankful for all the blessings that Iya is to this world.  As her friend, I am mighty proud of her trials and tribulations.  

As a spectator, I am grateful for her fireworks.”

I will always be grateful for your kind words Kariaton. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Baby You’re A Firework!

  1. me one proud Mama….. 🙂

    Karia, thank you for your being……and for sharing your being you up close and personal with Iya…….

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