A Dialogue on Youth Volunteerism

Last May 25, I was invited by Uniting Nations for Alliance in Peace Volunteerism Inc. to talk about the Kids for Peace Foundation, Inc. and discuss peace with kids. Whenever I’m asked to represent my foundation in local and international events, I always give my 100%. I treat opportunities like this as a chance to show the world that 12 years ago, it was possible for an incoming high school freshman to start a foundation. Kids for Peace is a foundation that has been running for 12 years now. What’s unique about it is it’s being run by a bunch of people in their 20’s with supervision from the adult members of the board. By the youth, for the youth.

Photo by Francelline Jimenez

I was surprised when I found out that almost 90% of the participants in the event are not from the Philippines. Nonetheless, I went up the stage and delivered what had to be delivered. It’s during speaking engagements like this that I feel most in my element. Everything I say and everything I do cannot be repeated since those are things that came up at that time, at that moment, from one of the most important parts of my body: the heart. Since I wanted to make sure that the participants don’t tune me out, I showed them the video outputs created by the participants of the camps Kids for Peace has organized over the past years. It was so good to see that they enjoyed the presentation.

My only goal in life is to show the youth that it is possible to be the catalyst of change in the society. Why wait for the future when you can start today?

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