Quotes from the Big Guy

Reg Collado is the man. We’ve been partners in crime for the past 9 years. We’ve witnessed each other’s best and worst states, criticized each other’s significant others (only those we feel are worth a bunch of laughs), and helped each other deal with heartbreaks.

Yup, Reg is the man.

What this man doesn’t know is, I take mental notes of his quotable quotes during conversations.

“Love now, leave later” – 2004

“Iya, you are worth 2 million times infinity”- 2010(?)

“If I can make you laugh for every word I say, I’ll talk forever”-2012

I met Reg in 2004. 9 years down the line and we’re still pretty tight. They definitely weren’t kidding when they said that the friends you meet in college will be your friends for life. πŸ˜‰

2 thoughts on “Quotes from the Big Guy

  1. Awwww πŸ˜₯
    You know I love you with all my life.
    You are the best sister from another mother, and you know it gorgeous.

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