Angkor Wat

Good morning Angkor Wat! *swoon*

This is when having a tall boyfriend comes in handy.

With my travel buddy, Chickee.

My alter-ego.

Chickee’s breakfast

Quench your thirst!

My breakfast.

At the entrance of the first temple.

Carvings on the wall

The holy pool- said to give immunity to anyone who bathes in it.


Conquered the first challenge of the day: steep stairs that’s almost four floors high!

The climb.

Monkey see…

Monkey do.

The guardians.

Big feet no more.


The temple with many faces.


At Rainbow Bridge.

Bird’s eye view. Yes, fear conquered for the second time.


Lying Buddha.

Mickey mouse?

Three heffalumps.

Mode of transportation in Cambodia: Tuk-tuk.

At the “Tomb Raider Temple”.

“One day we’re gonna get so high…”


Our tour guide, Mr. Vann Seila. I highly recommend him!


1) Β The ticket costs $20 so prepare.

2) Bring sunblock since you’ll be walking under the scorching heat of the sun. If you have hats and umbrellas, bring them as well.

3) Sleeveless tops and skirts that are above the knee are not allowed in some temples. Bring a blazer.

4) Be at the temples at 5 in the morning just in time for the sunrise (see photo number one)

5) If anyone hands you an incense stick, ignore them. They charge $10. Yes I learned this the hard way.

6)Have fun!

6 thoughts on “Angkor Wat

  1. am really glad you had a swell time.. Angkor Wat is as I remember it, gorgeous as ever… except for the stairs- ayos na pala… kaloka ung dinaanan namin ni Donna dati….

    fabulous pix!

    1. Thank you Ma! These photos are my way of saying thank you for giving me the chance to go out and see the world. πŸ™‚ I love you. Angkor Wat is very beautiful. I cried when I saw the temples. Hehe. The first photo is my favorite. πŸ™‚ Some parts are still under repair.

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