I started playing the drums one fine summer last 2006. I was going through a lot back then and thanks to a friend’s suggestion, I found myself processing papers for an extension course at the UP College of Music. My good friend Dylan Durias accompanied me to buy sticks too, since at the time I knew nothing about drums. I was taught by Mr. E. Tolentino, a sessionist, and he made sure that the 30-minute sessions were worth it.


My first day.

I loved how the sticks felt as they hit the drums with every beat I tried to make, but what I loved more was losing myself in the sea of beats. My affair with the drums ended that summer simply because I had to focus on my studies.

The guitar became my best friend during college. I scored some performances because of it too. There were times when I’d sit with it and write lyrics to what would soon become songs recorded and stored in my hard disk. I found peace in music.

I was cleaning the house some time last year when I found my drum sticks. I once again felt the urge to play the drums. Indeed, timing is key because that was also the time when I reconnected with my musician friends and discovered that my good friend MARCO KATIGBAK is teaching drums at the Academy of Rock.

I enrolled three weeks later. Playing the drums was like finding myself again. Here’s a video of my last session, courtesy of my cousin Janine Agbon:

There are times when the notes are easy to hit, and there are times when they aren’t. It’s hard to read notes when you’re used to playing by ear. If there’s one thing this experience taught me, it’s patience. Everything’s hard at first,  but it gets easier with practice. To Marco and the rest of the AOR team, thank you! I’ll miss everyone!

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