ALIYA: Soil on Canvas


The world was so cruel
It turned its back on her
She broke down and cried
Till no breath was left of her
She took out the knife
And put slits on her wrists
Then she lay there waiting to die

She believed she was worthless
And succumbed to bitterness
Gave up on the life
That she once thought was perfect
Became dark and twisted
To no one, she listened
Her spirit, none could uplift

Saw life sucked out of her
HE sent down HIS angels
To come save the girl
Who once tried to commit suicide

Now she’s all bright and shiny
She glows with such beauty
The LORD filled with mercy
Saved her from misery
She plays the guitar now and sings:

I was saved from the hell I’ve been through

And was changed by a love that I never knew

Now I sing with a smile that rejoices

And a heart that was saved by grace.

 This is a song I wrote last September 17, 2008. The painting, last September 1, 2012. 🙂 


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