Team Sunken Garden @ Zambales Day 1

I like finding my name in random places. 🙂

J9 (my cousin) and Liz

“The tribe has spoken” (L-R JV-Migz-Liz-J9)

Kuya Pat showing the different parts of the board.

Kids and boulders.

Aliya and JV: the newbies

Goofy and regular.

Listening intently.




With Migz and JV.


That’s Edmar helping me with my board.

Last minute instructions.

Obligatory surf photo (OSP) featuring JV

J9’s OSP

My OSP. Haha.


Surfing without the instructors this time.



My cousin had an accident with the board.

So we rushed her to the ER.



Hey Baby


Cute sibs.

Surf’s up! (L-R Aliya-J9-Migz-JV-Fin)

Photography by Liz Zamora (otherwise specified)

Post-processing: Aliya

4 thoughts on “Team Sunken Garden @ Zambales Day 1

    1. Hello! Sure, as long as you give proper credits and promote this blog. This was taken at Sitio San Felipe, Liwliwa, Zambales. 🙂 Thank you for visiting my blog.

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