I Speak Peace Shirts for Sale

I Speak Peace is a campaign of the Kids for Peace Foundation, Inc. It is the one of the many efforts of the foundation to help batang bakwits (child evacuees) in Mindanao.

This shirt symbolizes our dreams of peace as youth leaders in Mindanao. Peace for us is stopping the violence in settling hostilities among and between families, friends, and neighbors in our communities, and in our nation. These shirts come in two colors: black and white. White represents the foundation’s purity of intentions for peace. Black represents our sympathy with the victims of violent conflict in Mindanao. The shirts are worth Php 250. The money that you pay for the shirts will definitely go a long way.
Please encourage your friends and families to buy the shirts, so we can do more for peace. We hope that in our lifetime, we will all live in peace.
Please support our advocacy.
Buy a shirt.
Help save a life.

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