Love On The Street

I’m reposting this from my old blog. I really hope to see this man someday. Hopefully when that time comes I can finally give him a copy of his photo.

I have always been fond of old couples who stay in love with each other through the years. Growing up, I’ve witnessed my grandfather’s undying love for my grandmother. His love for her is printed in everything that he does. One time, he flew all the way to Vigan just to make sure that she gets home safe. When it comes to her (and to family), he gives no excuses. He drops everything and makes sure he’s there. My grandfather is one of the very few men I adore deeply.

When we were on our way to Davao after Blueprinting Mindanao 2030: Youth at Work (more about this in the posts to come), I saw an old man carrying a kickass guitar. I’m sure you’ll agree with me once you scroll down and look at the photo. I was amazed by this man’s creativity and intense passion for music. It broke my heart that at his old age, he had to move from one store to another to play music and hopefully get some money. He wasn’t asking for much. I discovered this when I saw his face light up upon seeing the twenty peso bill I was about to give him.

When I asked him if I can take his picture, he immediately called his wife, held her hands tight, and smiled for me. This is one instance where you don’t need to hear an i love you to know that the couple is madly in love with each other. The non-verbals are enough to give their love justice.

I remember him asking me for a copy of his picture. He was even willing to pay me. If only I had time, I would’ve printed his photo. Sadly, due to time constraints, all I left him was a promise that I’ll give him his photo if we see each other again in the future. I wish this old man well. I hope I’ll still see him when I go back to Tagum.


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