Flashback Fridays: Cintai Weekend Getaway

The reposts will end soon, I promise.  I just thought of sharing these photos with you.

Last November 2011, my Uncle Papang invited me to a 3-day vacation in Batangas. He said that we’ll be staying at Cintai: Coritos Garden in Balete, Batangas. Wow, talk about going to Balete for halloween. Cintai (cheen-tai) means love, which is actually the story behind the resort.

Cintai did not disappoint. Its big Bali-inspired villas served as our headquarters during our stay. Lunch and dinner were served at the Andrea pavilion which was located at the upper part of the resort. The view was so breathtaking I couldn’t stop shooting! There were trees, flowers, all sorts of plants and animals everywhere! The staff took good care of us. They served food almost every two hours. We ate like kings and queens. I’m really happy I was invited.

Here are some photos from that epic weekend:

I enjoyed seeing this around the area. It was like being in another country.

On a positive note, I bet the caterpillars were full when they finished eating.

No more lonely cries.

Leap and the clouds will appear.
I like how the swing formed a heart shape in this photo.

We went to Lipa, Batangas to visit Paseo de San Sebastan and The Farm on our second day.  Paseo de San Sebastian reminded me of the photo walk Lhovs, Peter, Mico, Joey, and I did back in January 2010. The Farm’s ambience was so inviting, we all made mental notes to visit it in the future. After lunch, we made our way back to Cintai. Come night time, we were served a sumptuous meal featuring the ultimate Filipino favorite: lechon… which I didn’t eat. I’ve been avoiding pork and beef since I graduated high school.

Reminds me of my Science lessons in elementary.

My uncle’s hat.

Lunch is served.
Paradise, yes?
Delicious turon for merienda.
Royal colors.
At the Paseo de San Sebastian.

Quack-quack here, and a quack-quack there.
Check out the details on the wooden gate!

One of their function halls.

One of my favorite photos from the set.

On the third day, we went to Tagaytay. After a hearty breakfast and some photo sessions, we finally left Cintai. It was quite difficult because we fell in love with the place. We had lunch at  Sonya’s Garden. We enjoyed meal, after meal, after meal. Seriously, I feel like we all gained weight! Haha! :)

Pictures from the last day of our long weekend:

Obligatory photo with the Taal Volcano.

I want to have something like this in my future house.

Bloom where you are planted.

All photos were taken with a Canon 550D. Lens 18-135 mm.

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