Crystal Beach Resort Presents: Music by the Beach

One of the things that I enjoy doing whenever I’m at the beach is taking pictures of sunsets. When I learned from my good friend RJ that we’ll be going to Crystal Beach with the Julianne Trio (Julianne + Benjo + RJ) for their performance last March 23, I made sure that my camera’s batteries were fully charged.  It was a little cloudy. Luckily, I managed to take these photos:

Just like a star across my sky….
I’m loving angels instead…

The four of us sat by the beach while watching the sky change its hues. We exchanged sentences and phrases in between shutter clicks, all wanting to capture the magnificent view before us while making sure that everyone was enjoying the moment. It was nice to listen to them talk about their “most recommended” phone apps,  music, and Julianne’s upcoming album, “Ashes to Beauty”.  I like how musicians are chill and steady, yet they surprise you once they play their instruments. That afternoon was definitely one for the books.

Grateful. Really grateful. (c) Benjo Robles

That night, at Crystal Beach Resort gathered under the stars and listened to music by no other than the country’s soulchild, Julianne. She sang some of her originals “Tulak ng Bibig”, “Healing”, and “7000 Miles to Grow”. She also sang covers of the songs “Ain’t no Sunshine” by Bill Withers and “Put Your Records On” by Corinne Bailey Rae.

Julianne Tarroja
Julianne Tarroja
The Julianne Trio
The Julianne Trio

Some of my surfer/wahine friends dropped by to watch the gig too!

With Dindi.
With Dindi.
Kuya Bry, Kuya Ping, and Benjo.
Liwa Crew. :)
Liwa Crew. 🙂

Mark and Abby Ramos (owners of Crystal Beach Resort) were there too. They’re both very nice and accommodating. It was nice to finally meet Abby- I’ve been a fan of hers since I started collecting Candy Mag. 😉

The night ended well. My ears were filled with soulful music and my heart was really happy. To those who weren’t able to attend, I uploaded some videos for you. Enjoy! 🙂

Julianne Tarroja – Tulak ng Bibig from Aliya Agbon on Vimeo.

Julianne – Ain’t No Sunshine from Aliya Agbon on Vimeo.

Julianne – Put Your Records On from Aliya Agbon on Vimeo.

Julianne Tarroja – Healing from Aliya Agbon on Vimeo.

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