I like SHINee. There, I said it.

I used to be one of those people who gag when hearing KPOP songs on the radio. Well, okay there were some exceptions but I’ve never been one to really follow a Korean idol group and listen to their music and watch their music videos. I have friends who live and breathe KPOP, study Hangul just to understand the songs, and even spend huge amounts of money on albums and concert tickets. Their passion for KPOP was a mystery to me… until I started watching To the Beautiful You last April.

Top and cap, Skechers x SHINee

When I’m going through something, especially when it concerns the heart, I lock myself up. I’m not keen on the idea of meeting every single person, repeating the story, and crying my heart out because 1) I don’t like that kind of attention and 2)it can be very exhausting. I was going through my daily routine of waking up – eating – lying down – listening to music while crying when I decided to turn on the television. Showing was To The Beautiful You where the leading man was SHINee’s Choi Minho, who didn’t really appeal to me at that time. I was more interested in the story of his love interest, Sulli, who pretended to be a man so she ca go to his school and… well you already know how the story ends. Anyway, I downloaded the episodes and eventually found myself watching it on a daily basis. I enjoyed the story, I  fell in love with Choi Minho’s character, and before I knew it, I began looking for his other dramas. My research brought me to his band, SHINee. I looked for their songs, listened to them, and found comfort in the beat and lyrics that didn’t make sense at all. I remember the first song I heard was “Why So Serious”, then after that, I heard “Helllo”, and then “Replay”. I liked the last two songs so I downloaded them and played them on loop. From then on, I became a SHAWOL (a SHINee fan). I’m still not into the whole KPOP idea. I just like SHINee plus two or three other groups and that’s it.  I now understand why my KPOP crazy friends behave the way they do. 🙂

Top and cap, Skechers x SHINee | Dress, Kashieca | Shoes, Converse

In case you’re wondering, these photos were taken in an expressway in Thailand. Our taxi had a flat tire and we had to wait for hours for the repairs. To distract ourselves, my mom and I went outside the car and started to take pictures. Yes, it was annoying that that incident happened, but we didn’t want to let it ruin our day. Things happen no matter how hard you plan your trips abroad. What’s important is you open yourself to the possibilities and allow yourself to see the positive side when things don’t go as planned.


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