Sugar Pappi

To make my mom’s birthday extra special, I ordered cupcakes from Sugar Pappi – a pâtissiere based in Cotabato City. My good friend Steph runs the business with her brother, Fore, and I’ve always been a fan of their pastries. I’ve known Steph since socks with laces and ribbons were in vogue. We used to spend weekends at their house and since she’s into baking and cooking, she’d ask us to sample her dishes –  all of which we indulged, of course.


I ordered nine boxes of chocolate, choco vanilla, and strawberry cupcakes for my mom’s birthday. The presentation was really impressive. It’s noticeable that the siblings paid attention to the details which shows how passionate they are with the work that they do and that they value their clients.

Chocolate cupcake

People started getting their share of cupcakes once I finished working on the cupcake tower. Most of the guests liked the chocolate flavored cupcakes while the rest were torn between choco vanilla and strawberry.

Strawberry cupcake
Choco vanilla cupcake

The cupcakes were so pretty I didn’t want to eat them. I made sure that each cupcake was photographed before giving the guests permission to eat them. I’m glad that the cupcakes tasted just right; not too sweet and not too bland. The height of the icing was okay as well, it wasn’t messy to eat. I’m glad that the guests liked the cupcakes. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the look on my mom’s face when she saw the cupcake tower. My personal mission was to make my mom very happy on her birthday and Sugar Pappi helped me achieve my goal.

Dear reader, if you’re based in Cotabato City and you want to make someone feel special or if you just want to give in to your pastry cravings (which will be very hard to resist trust me), order from Sugar Pappi. To order, you can call/text 09427799509 or email You can also follow them on Instagram : @thesugarpappi.

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