The Sunday Currently | 01

IMG_1075 copy
Lazy Dawg | Canon 550D

The first Sunday of the year! Have you noticed how everyone’s all of a sudden gung ho on celebrating every single “first” every new year? First meal, first movie, first date, and the list goes on. Anyway, along with Project 365, I also promised myself that I’ll blog more this year. I think I only have five entries for 2015. How sad is that. 0_0


Articles on design. It’s a new year, and I need to work on new designs and products for Eco Choices. Stay tuned! 🙂

This blog. I’ve been wanting to write about The Sunday Currently since last year. Guess today’s a good day to start!

Birds chirping, the sound of my brother cooking in the kitchen, and audion from a movie my mom’s watching.

About plans and design concepts for 2016. I want to maximize this year and be the best version of myself.

Food for lunch. I am craving!

For better lungs. I almost had an asthma attack last night. Meh.

I finish my errands soon.

White shirt and shorts.

My mom’s 50mm lens. I used it to take pictures of my beagles this morning and I love the bokeh!

Peace of mind.

More sleep.

Hungry. Very hungry.

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