Wahine Wanderlust

I was sitting, holding on to my number, and patiently waiting for my turn when the words “wahine wanderlust” entered my head. It didn’t make sense at first since I was busy looking at the counter and singing songs in my head. After letting the words linger (with a few more thoughts and ideas in tail), I finally decided to “reformat” my blog. From this day on, this blog shall be known as Wahine Wanderlust.

Wahine is a Hawaiian word for a “woman”. In the world of sports, female surfers are called wahines. I’m no pro when it comes to surfing as I’ve only started last October but… what else would you call a girl who surfs? Surfer chick? Female wave rider? Surfer girl? I find those words common and difficult to play with so I decided to go with “wahine”.

Wanderlust means having a great desire to wander; to travel. I love to travel. I like going to places and exploring. I have a long list of places I want to visit before I die and slowly but surely, I’m making things happen. I strongly believe that you learn more when you travel.

I’m just a little busy now but I promise, I’ll go back to posting once or twice a week. The new theme is exciting, don’t you think? 🙂


Of funny conversations about curls, ants, and 420. Of playing against “the threat” but beating them because This Sh*t’s Good! Of yelling and getting yelled at. Of shaking hands while saying “good game” after almost an hour’s worth of wishing they won’t catch the ball. Of finally being introduced to your eye candy. Of winning two games when you’ve only fought one. Of sporting a new scar because you tripped yourself. Of going further north and back. Of hearing epic statements like “I made the rules!” Of having lunch with the team. Of skate sessions. Of going downhill. Of being nice even when it hurts. Of things being okay again, at least for a good number of minutes. Of being chased with a disinfectant because you’re too afraid to do it yourself. Of playing video games. Of remembering how things were before. Of questions still unanswered. Of dealing. Of still helping despite having your heart broken. Of surfing on concrete. Of sharing the stoke. Of being so close but still so far. Of hesitation. Of going with the flow. Of knowing you’ll play better once your scar’s healed. Of finding comfort in another person’s presence. Of realizing how much you miss someone. Of wondering what happened. Of happily munching on dirty ice cream. Of sitting on the sidewalk while watching skater boys and girls dance gracefully on boards in various shapes and sizes. Of laughing. Of healing. Of an epic Sunday evening.