Kids for Peace Foundation, Inc.

Kids for Peace Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by then 12-year old Rosan Aliya. Summer of 2000, she saw two fighter planes dropping bombs. Thinking that that bombs will wipe out all the bad guys, Aliya cheered for the pilots. She learned from her mother though, that bombs and bullets do not make a selective hit and as a result, they spare not the lives of those in its path, children included. Disturbed by this, Aliya decided to write a letter, calling all kids for peace to help their fellow kids who were in distress.

Help was sought more importantly, in messages of peace from other children for the child-evacuees. An overwhelming support came from all over the world. Children and their parents, majority Filipinos, from Australia, China, France, Germany, Guatemala, Netherlands, the United States and other places in the Philippines sent donations and letters/drawings of support. There were peace messages as well from the day-care children in Beijing and the United States.

These responses gave Kids for Peace the inspiration to continue its calling. From then on it began to conduct campaigns, activities and programs that aim to build a safer world for the children. It included No to War Toys Campaign, Kite-flying for Peace, Psychosocial program for the child evacuees, Dental and Medical Mission to War Affected Communities. Eventually, KIDS thought of working with young adults who will begin a new generation of young Mindanawons who can put together and implement a shared strategy for healthy relationships that bring peace and respect in multiculturalist Mindanao. Thus the young advocates for peace (YAP) leadership program was born which started with the YAP Camp and sustained through hands-on hands-on activity/project management.

Kids for Peace has been known in youth peace work and on its work with the children. It has developed programs in partnership with Balik Kalipay, German Technical Cooperation, Save the Children US and United Nations Multi Donor Programme 3, for its psychosocial program for child evacuees. For its youth programs the Foundation is supported by the Australian Embassy, through its Strengthening Grassroots Interfaith Dialogue and Understanding Program, the Australian Agency for International Development, ACT for Peace Programme and British Council Philippines.

Partners in working with the youth and children also includes Mindanao Economic Development Council, Assisi Development Foundation, the Notre Dame Community Extension Services, Museo Pambata, UNICEF, the Kabataan News Network for managing the KNN Cotabato City News Bureau and with the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), an international non-government organization working to promote democracy worldwide. In the implementation of its projects at the community/school level, the Foundation works closely with the local government, local leaders, community elders, school administrators and local organization and sectors.

Kids for Peace’s continuing effort to create safer spaces for the children is guided by the idea that “our (children’s) claim to peace is in our hands” .

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