I won’t lie, I still haven’t gotten over Marley’s death and I think it will stay that way for some time. It’s not about playing victim, nor is it about begging for attention. It’s about accepting, dealing, processing, all these emotions. Guilt is one thing, grief is another, but when you add regret, frustration, sadness, and anger you enter this carnival of emotions. One minute you’re up, next minute you’re down, and the only person who understands everything is yourself.

(c) Aliya Agbon, 2015

I’ve been asking a lot of questions the past weeks and I have yet to find the answers to them. I was once told that the questions we ask are more important that the answers, and that the answers change depending on the questions we ask. So I’ve altered words, punctuations, and tones, hoping that I wake up to an epiphany the next day but to no avail.

I’ll just have to keep on asking, I guess. After all, isn’t that what this life is all about? Ask questions, get answers.

Linen Petals

Linen Petals | ASUS Zenfone

One of my high school classmates got married over the weekend. She looked so beautiful in her wedding dress, the setup was lovely, and I didn’t bring my SLR. Trying not to kick myself for leaving it home, I decided to take pictures using my ASUS Zenfone. From the set, I like this one the most. It’s just white linen draping from the ceiling but the folds made it look like flower petals. I was quite fascinated so I took a picture of it and when I was done, it was time for us to have our photo taken with the newlyweds.


Stories | ASUS Zenfone

I believe in happy places, in positive energy and in enjoying every single minute of our lives while we still can. I believe that places have stories and that trees are the best keepers of secrets. I believe in leaving our mark so we’ll be remembered, but I also believe in embracing the imprints of memories that places will leave in our hearts.

My anklets are stories of places I’ve been to, people I’ve met, and moments that I’ll cherish forever. They’ve witnessed my wipe outs, and the countless times I went back on the board to once again try and ride the different waves of life.


Something Fishy | ASUS Zenfone

Took some time off yesterday’s errands to admire this. They’re stacked properly, my eyes are happy.


Keyboard Warrior | ASUS Zenfone

This is about breaking my daily routine. A normal day for me would mean spending six hours at the work shop to produce handmade products for Eco Choices. That has been my routine for two years now.

While my hands were itching to work on handicrafts, I had to ignore my “cravings”. Instead, I sat down, used the laptop and listened to the tapping of the keys as my fingers danced across the keyboard. It felt great. I don’t remember spending that much time working with Microsoft Word because these days, I spend more time with InDesign, Photoshop, and Premiere.

The break was refreshing, it was great to play with words again but I can’t wait to go back to the work shop and get my hands dirty.


Sneak Peek

An Experiment| Asus Zenfone

You work on an item for days with an image of the possible output in your head.

Once the output is finished, you realize it can be something else.

Behold, Eco Choices‘ first collaboration with a fellow entrepreneur here in Cotabato City.

I’ll officially “launch” this soon. Stay tuned. 😉

Project 366

I planned on writing a tribute to 2015 but after realizing that my photos weren’t organized, I’ve decided to save that post for tomorrow or the day after. My photos are normally filed by year, with sub-folders that are labeled by date and event. I noticed that I don’t have enough folders for 2015 which means I didn’t spend enough time with my 550D last year. Sad, eh? I’d always bring it with me, but I’d always forget to use it. Oh well.

For 2016, I want to challenge myself to take more pictures. One photo per day. This will take a lot of effort and commitment, then again, it won’t be called a challenge if it didn’t. My very own Project 366.

Here’s photo number 1:

“Unang El Bimbo” | ASUS Zenfone | Low light

While the whole world  welcomed 2016 last night by lighting up the skies, these two made their way inside our house. Both were shaking, so we sat down with them and stroked their backs to let them know that everything is okay. Eight minutes after midnight, this happened. Lo and behold, my first photo for 2016. Yay!

Happy New Year everybody! 🙂