The Devil is in the Details


Rise and Fall | Olympus C-5060

I was closing the gate yesterday when I noticed that the flowers in our garden were in full bloom. Just imagine, in a sea of green, there were spots of yellow, purple, lavender, pink, and red in different shapes and sizes. I grabbed my Olympus C-5060 and started taking pictures of the flowers. Determined to highlight the details of each flower, I decided to use my camera’s macro feature.

Here’s the thing: it’s been seven years since I last used that camera so it took a couple of epic fail photos before I managed to capture the photo above. The bud is smaller than my fingernail and I’m just happy that the details are visible.

I guess I also wanted to zero in on seeing beauty in adversity, rising after each fall, bouncing back, or simply… paying attention to the tiny details that we often neglect. The downside of social media is that it’s so quick to react and bash people since we’re given that venue to do so.

I believe it’s still important to take things with a grain of salt, pause, and research before channeling our inner keyboard warrior and saying things that will be screen capped at some point in the future.

No really, I just wanted to take pictures of the flowers.

Eco Choices: Water Hyacinth Keychain

IMG_1287 copy
Water Hyacinth Keychain | Canon 550D

This is one of the mini projects I’ve been working on for weeks. We’ve received a lot of requests to produce water hyacinth keychains but since we were very busy, I never had the time to sit down and work on design concepts and prototypes. Finally, after a lot of edits, we can finally launch these handcrafted Water Hyacinth Keychains.

Made with water hyacinth paper, brass plated metal, and semi-precious stones. You can use these to accessorize your bags and wallets. It can also be an instant necklace once you add a chain.

Each piece is unique. No two pieces are the same. Available at Eco Choices


The Accidental Glass Coaster | Canon 550D

You never know what to expect when you’re working with resin. Even if you strictly follow the instructions, sometimes external factors affect your output. Case in point: floral bangles. I tried to work with dried flowers and turn them into bangles, but I ended up with a bigger, and much more colorful coaster from my Alma Mater.

Doubtful | Canon 550D

Marley is definitely not impressed with the output. Well, so was I but it was so hard to pop out the coaster. I think I spent the whole morning using up most of my upper body strength but to no avail.

Anticipation | Canon 550D

Of course when things don’t work out, it’s best to proceed to the next task so off I went to the next item on my to-do list: production for Eco Choices. After hours in the work shop, I managed to finish a new set of accessories! I’ll post it tomorrow so stay tuned!

Downward Dog | Canon 550D

When I finished production, I went outside to shoot. That’s Mordred, our Aspin, trying not to fall asleep during yoga.

Bloom Forever | Canon 550D 

In case you want to know what happened to the coaster, ta-da! 🙂


Something Fishy | ASUS Zenfone

Took some time off yesterday’s errands to admire this. They’re stacked properly, my eyes are happy.


Keyboard Warrior | ASUS Zenfone

This is about breaking my daily routine. A normal day for me would mean spending six hours at the work shop to produce handmade products for Eco Choices. That has been my routine for two years now.

While my hands were itching to work on handicrafts, I had to ignore my “cravings”. Instead, I sat down, used the laptop and listened to the tapping of the keys as my fingers danced across the keyboard. It felt great. I don’t remember spending that much time working with Microsoft Word because these days, I spend more time with InDesign, Photoshop, and Premiere.

The break was refreshing, it was great to play with words again but I can’t wait to go back to the work shop and get my hands dirty.


The Sunday Currently | 02

The Sunday Currently2
And You’re To Blame | Canon 550D

Writing this after walking around our garden. I borrowed my mom’s 50mm again and took some pictures of flower and garden accents. Don’t you just love the bokeh? I played with different settings and produced various results but the picture above is my favorite.


Wordpress shout outs from all over the globe. Thank you everyone !:)

The Sunday Currently vol. 2

To my favorite person. ^_^

Of things to do next week.

The scent of liquid detergent.

For permits to finally be approved next week. Also, no power interruptions please!

For peace and joy in my heart.

My favorite UP shirt and board shorts.

Second chances, guys who prove that chivalry isn’t dead, and people who are willing to lend a hand.

A big bowl of ice cream.

Stronger lungs.

A lot of emotions.

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I’m blessed with two adorable beagles. Marley, the male beagle,  is one year and ten months old. Roxy, on the other hand, is the newest addition to our family. She was given to me by my mom as a birthday present and she is six months old. While there are moments where it’s hard to distinguish who’s who, there are also instances when it’s easy to spot the difference in their behavior. Case in point: food. Once Marley sees that Manong Noning is preparing their food, he’ll bark and run up and down the stairs. This goes on until the food is served. Roxy, on the other hand, hugs the pole.

Food Spotted | Canon 550D

Holding that position for a long time can be quite uncomfortable. There are days when she tries to follow Marley by running up and down the stairs but after two tries, she goes back to hugging the pole.

Patiently Waiting | Canon 550D

After a while, she eventually notices that there are four big dogs in the house who are barking and calling Manong Noning’s attention. Afraid that her share will be given to the other dogs, she joins the crew’s barking.

Barking Orders | Canon 550D

After a few more minutes, food is served, the dogs are happy, and the house becomes quiet.

Special shoutout to those who dropped by my page and liked my blog. Thank you so much! 🙂

The Garden

I’ll admit – there are days when I don’t want to do Project 365. It’s only been seven days but there are nights when I just want to sleep after dinner, but the thoughts about drifting off to la-la land would always be interrupted by that tiny voice inside my head that says “you promised you’ll finish this, why are you giving up now?” And of course no matter how hard I try to reason out and argue with that tiny voice I’d always end up doing it anyway, so here goes.

January Bloom | Canon 550D

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you don’t have anything to wear despite the n number of clothes you have in your closet? Well, today’s Project 365 felt like that. I had possible subjects, but for some reason the elements didn’t work. I decided to shoot anyway.

Patience | 550D

I managed to take this picture of Marley. He actually caught me, but he was too busy to care. He just stood there and watched the busy world outside our gate. The dogs were trying to play with him, but he was unfazed.

Text twist | Canon 550D

I also chanced upon these building blocks that were resting on our yoga ramp. I used to spell random words with these blocks when I was a kid. These blocks were then passed on to my younger brother when we were teaching him the alphabet. Sometimes I miss moments like that. These days we’re too “digital”, too busy swiping left and right on our mobile devices.

So there. I guess the key is to keep shooting. Even when you’re bored, even when you’re tired, and even when you feel like there is nothing to shoot, shoot. The elements that don’t seem to work just might, when you change your perspective.