Wahine Wanderlust

I was sitting, holding on to my number, and patiently waiting for my turn when the words “wahine wanderlust” entered my head. It didn’t make sense at first since I was busy looking at the counter and singing songs in my head. After letting the words linger (with a few more thoughts and ideas in tail), I finally decided to “reformat” my blog. From this day on, this blog shall be known as Wahine Wanderlust.

Wahine is a Hawaiian word for a “woman”. In the world of sports, female surfers are called wahines. I’m no pro when it comes to surfing as I’ve only started last October but… what else would you call a girl who surfs? Surfer chick? Female wave rider? Surfer girl? I find those words common and difficult to play with so I decided to go with “wahine”.

Wanderlust means having a great desire to wander; to travel. I love to travel. I like going to places and exploring. I have a long list of places I want to visit before I die and slowly but surely, I’m making things happen. I strongly believe that you learn more when you travel.

I’m just a little busy now but I promise, I’ll go back to posting once or twice a week. The new theme is exciting, don’t you think? 🙂