Boys Meet U

I’ve been living in my condo for six years now. I see the same set of white walls everyday but I never thought of using it as a background for my pictures. I’ve thought of painting a mural on it and maybe hang some framed shots and sketches from my portfolio, but use it as a makeshift studio? Nope. The idea of using it as a mini studio dawned on me when I saw my tripod standing against the wall. I immediately looked for angles that allowed enough light since I don’t have strobes. I prepared everything so that once I have an outfit ready, I can just stand against the wall and take a picture.

Bandana, SM Department Store | Top and Skirt, Jatujak | Baller, Roxy | Watch, Fossil | Anklets, Amihan + Jatujak | Socks, KpopSoul | Shoes, Payless | Handbag, Vietnam
Bandana, SM Department Store | Top and Skirt, Jatujak | Baller, Roxy | Watch, Fossil | Anklets, Amihan Boys + Jatujak | Socks, KpopSoul | Shoes, Payless | Handbag, Vietnam

I was channeling Taemin from SHINee’s Boys Meet U music video when I put this outfit together.  My original plan was to copy the whole ensemble but then I realized that’s just too corny. Instead, I decided to wear a more feminine version of the outfit. It’s similar to the his & hers themed outfits that couples do, except that he’s an idol and I’m a fan. IMG_31235The top has been one of my favorites since I bought it in Thailand because it’s comfy and it goes with anything. There’s always the risk of wearing stripes especially when you’re not skinny because one wrong angle costs you an additional 10 pounds but if you’re careful in planning your outfit out then there’s nothing to worry about. I’ve always been loyal to the rule that says “If you’re wearing a loose top, pair it with a skinny bottom and vice versa” and it has saved me in countless occasions. This is the reason why I paired my “Taemin top” with the black lace skirt that I also bought from Thailand. It’s feminine, it contrasts my white top, and it makes my legs look long.

Bandana, SM Department Store | Top and Skirt, Jatujak | Baller, Roxy | Watch, Fossil | Anklets, Amihan + Jatujak | Socks, KpopSoul | Shoes, Payless

I’m not really into the idea of using socks when wearing flats or heels but I had to reconsider. Setting aside the fact that it’s Taemin socks I’m wearing, my legs look bare without them. I used to find it weird when girls use socks when they wear heels but after trying it myself, it makes sense.

I guess by now you’re wondering what Taemin was wearing in the video so I’m putting it here. You’ll spot him, trust me. Have fun watching. 🙂

Visiting Temples

Anyone who has been to Siem Reap and Thailand will recommend that you visit two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Angkor Wat and Ayutthaya. Angkor Wat in Siem Reap is a sight to see especially when you go there at dawn and wait for the sunrise. It’s breathtaking to see the sky change its color from black to different shades of blue with hints of yellow, orange, pink, and purple. I cried the first time I saw Angkor Wat because I was so amazed at how it was constructed (think manual labor) and how something so beautiful was preserved through the years. The Ayutthaya temples in Thailand are just as beautiful. Legend has it that it was in 1767 when the Burmese attacked the city and chopped the  heads of the Buddha statues. The Buddha tree in Wat Mahatat, Ayutthaya is very famous because of the Buddha’s head that sits firmly in it’s tangled roots. To show respect, one must kneel or sit down when taking a picture with the Buddha.

Since the temples are sacred, there are outfit restrictions. People who wear caps, sleeveless tops and skirts that drop above the knee are not given access in some of temples. I was aware of this since I did some research before going so I had time to plan my outfit.

Shades, Ray Ban | Top, Bettina | Skirt, Thailand | Bangle, Vietnam | Baller, Roxy | Flip flops, Billabong

I went with a white blouse with butterfly sleeves since I knew that it will be very hot. The butterfly sleeves and the blouse’s cotton fabric allowed air to pass through so I wasn’t sweating that much. The wrap-around skirt dropped down to my ankles so I didn’t have to worry about not being able to enter some of the temples. The Roxy baller never left my left arm since a surfer friend gave it to me last Christmas – it makes me feel that the ocean is with me wherever I go. I bought the bangle during my trip to Vietnam last year. I decided to use it since it matches the color accents on my blouse.



It’s important to bring a bag with you when you’re visiting temples. You will need to drink lots of water to avoid dehydration, a face towel, and extra clothes. For this visit, I used the bag my mom gave me since it can hold a lot of items and it has a secret pocket. I managed to fit the essentials plus my DSLR without it being too bulky.

What I enjoyed the most about my visit to the temples was mentally revisiting all my history notes dates since elementary. The stories and articles that I only saw in text books, articles, and journals were finally standing before me- I didn’t have to imagine what they looked like anymore. It is true that travelling is the best form of education because you don’t just read about it; you experience it, real time.