Crafts to Crumbs : Toasted Pastillas


Now You See Me | Canon 550D

When one runs out of Toasted Pastillas, one must do research and learn how to make the tasty treat! I’m not patient when it comes to cooking or baking but today I had to level up my EQ to keep me sane. After googling and watching tutorial videos on Youtube (really thank God for these two), I finally worked in the kitchen and madeĀ Toasted Pastillas. I thought it was easy. Well, technically it is but I have to admit that some parts were tricky for me. I mean, who would’ve thought it’d be that hard to mix two parts milk powder and one part condensed milk?

The Milky Way | Canon 550D

I mixed for almost thirty minutes. For the next step I had to form tiny Pastillas cubes. At this point my EQ levels were about to drop down to zero. I managed to finish it anyway.

Toasted Pastillas | Canon 550D

It took me almost four hours to finish my first batch of Toasted Pastillas. The texture’s a bit dry but the taste, for me, is divine. I shall practice more and hopefully achieve the texture that I want.

Now, back to working with water hyacinth paper!